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4 Ways to Support Families Whose Children are in Foster Care

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All families go through tough times, and when faced with tremendous challenges, may need support from caring professionals so they can stay safely together. KVC Nebraska stabilizes and strengthens families experiencing crisis in order to prevent a child/youth from entering foster care or to help reunify children/youth who have been removed from the home.

Last year, KVC Nebraska supported more than 710 children and families with intensive in-home services.

KVC can also provide foster care to children/youth who have been temporarily removed from their homes by the court system. Last year, KVC Nebraska provided foster care to 1,000 children and adolescents. The majority of these children/youth who enter foster care are eventually safely reunited with their families, after their families have overcome obstacles, resolved conflicts, and learned healthy parenting and family communication and overall functioning skills.

Relatives, neighbors, friends and more are encouraged to show their support for families who have or are working to reunify with their children/youth following foster care in the following ways:

1. Offer transportation

While working toward reunification, parents might need rides to visitations with their children, court hearings and other required appointments. By providing travel assistance, you lessen the stress for parents who may not have reliable transportation and enable them to focus on their children and individual improvement.

2. Prepare food

During visitations, children and teens might want a snack or to enjoy a meal with their parents. Some obstacles for families can be financial; others may be lack of culinary skills, time or an absence of tools. Preparing a meal for a family is a small act of giving that could mean a lot.

3. Give encouragement

Navigating the child welfare system and addressing personal obstacles can very difficult to handle alone. Provide positive mentoring so that parents have a stable place for the skills they are learning. You can simply be a good friend by offering words of encouragement.

4. Create a supportive community

Form a community of care for the parents and allow them to feel connected to avenues of help. Invite them to coffee with friends, ask them to join a hobby club or other gatherings. Creating an expanded positive social network for the family can help to create a safe and stable environment for the parents as well as the children when the family is reunited.

KVC Nebraska Family Services

Foster parenting is the number one way to help these families Find out more about becoming a foster parent here. KVC Nebraska offers a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of children, youth, adults and families. Learn more about our services which include intensive in-home services, foster care and support for individuals with disabilities.

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