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Archive for February, 2018:

Q&A with Kristi Quattrochi, Intensive In-Home Services Clinician

KVC Nebraska's In-Home Services Clinician Kristi Quattrochi

Meet Intensive In-Home Services Clinician Kristi Quattrochi who shares how her role helps to strengthen families and what inspires her to help children and families in Nebraska.

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Walking the Walk: KVC In-Home Specialist Adopts from Foster Care

Adopt from foster care KVC Nebraska

Every day KVC Nebraska social workers help children and teens in foster care. Hear how one In-Home Specialist was inspired to open her heart and home to a child needing a forever family.

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Steps for Becoming an Extended Family Home in Nebraska

Become an Extended Family Home with KVC Nebraska

Becoming an extended family home offers individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities intensive social and independent living skills training in a family setting. In this blog, we share the process of becoming a certified EFH and answer some common questions.

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Steps to Become a Foster Parent in Nebraska

Steps to Become a Foster Parent in Nebraska

Becoming a foster parent is a big decision and it’s no surprise that families have a lot of questions along the way. Recruitment Coordinator Makayla Schippert shares answers to some of the most common questions that she’s asked about the process to become a foster parent.

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