KVC is a great place to work! At KVC Health Systems, our employees are our greatest asset. Based on the voice of our employees, KVC has a 80 Work Wellbeing score on Indeed. This rating is is so rare that it places KVC among the TOP 1% of employers nationally. We are committed to providing a positive, supportive work environment where you can do your best work and love coming to work every day. Read more about our score here.

At KVC Nebraska, we want every child, adult and family to be safe & connected to a strong family and healthy community. 

When you begin your career at KVC Nebraska, you’ll have the opportunity to enrich and enhance the lives of Nebraska families. With a diverse range of services, our team members:

  • Offer meaningful support to youth in foster care and the foster parents caring for them.
  • Help individuals with disabilities gain independence.
  • Create and maintain safety for children who have experienced abuse or neglect through increasing evidence-based protective factors.
  • Promote mental wellness, social and emotional wellbeing, and positive caregiver-child relationships through evidence-based clinical practice.
  • Create an efficient road to recovery through early identification of substance use issues.
  • Empower students to achieve their dreams of educational success.
  • Prevent juveniles involved with the justice system from incurring additional sanctions, law violations, or being detained toward a successful discharge from juvenile probation.

As part of the KVC team, we will coach you in identifying your talents to ensure you reach your full potential in enriching and enhancing the lives of Nebraska families. See where a KVC career could take you.


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Who is KVC Nebraska looking for?

KVC Nebraska values who you are more than where you have worked or where you went to school. We know what excellence looks like in each role and the talents it takes to achieve excellence. If you have the talent, we will provide you with knowledge and help you build the skills you need to excel. KVC Nebraska is seeking team members who possess these talents:

  • Resilient and have an internal, constant, and self-imposed drive to inspire caregivers, clients, and peers to meet program goals.
  • Charismatic and quickly form and maintain relationships with caregivers, clients, peers and community professionals toward stability and goal attainment.
  • Focused and when faced with complex problems, will work diligently to find solutions through question asking, research, and capitalizing upon relationships and resources.
  • Responsible and accountable with a commitment to developing and growing their own talents, knowledge, and skills to progressively improve their own efficiency and efficacy as they enrich and enhance the lives of Nebraska families.
  • Responsive and can identify and appreciate individual differences while focusing awareness and attentiveness to how these differences bring diversity and inclusion to drive innovation.

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What is it like to work at KVC Nebraska?

Four main values drive our culture. Learn about them by hovering over the statements below. Meet some of our employees and read their incredible stories of impact here.

We are family.

We care about each other’s holistic well-being. We listen to and trust one another, learn from each other and welcome new ideas. We aim to understand the role everyone plays and work together toward a common goal. This means leadership and team members alike give and get feedback. You’re never on your own. Through it all, we’re a family that works together.

We work because it matters.

Every year, KVC helps more than 60,000 children, adults and families. Plus, thousands more indirectly benefit from our education, training and consultation work. That is no small feat. It’s important to stay focused on why we as an organization exist. We do what we do because everyone deserves to be and feel safe and connected to their family and community. We care about the quality of our work and are committed to excellence, whether the task is big or small. We avoid things that might have a negative impact on our work. We set the organization and each other up for success. We are committed to innovation and new solutions, no matter where they come from.

We innovate.

Innovation is such a big part of our DNA and how we have grown. As an organization, we seek out gaps in services to children, adults and families, then take an entrepreneurial approach to problem solve and fill them. In doing so, we implement research-backed solutions and create new business models. We move into new regions and take on risk. Internally, we prioritized and institutionalized this spirit of innovation by creating the KVC Institute, of which every staff member is a part. That means new and different ideas are always welcome at the table. We believe great ideas come from everywhere, and you never know what innovative solutions your next idea could lead to.

We celebrate.

Working hard is important and celebrating that hard work is equally so. We are proud of the work we do. From verbal recognition at staff meetings to shout-outs in our monthly newsletter to the annual KVC Story Contest, we strive to constantly recognize the good work KVC does and the individual acts that make it possible. We want to make KVC a great place to work, where successes are celebrated and each team member is supported and cared for. We are always looking for new ways to recognize great work.

What do I get as a KVC Nebraska employee?

KVC offers our employees a robust benefits package, including:

  • Medical plans with generous employer contribution, and free employee dental insurance
  • Generous combination of paid time off and holidays
  • 403(b) Retirement Plan with immediate company match and only a 1-year vesting period requirement
  • Employer-paid group life and disability coverage
  • NEW! Tuition Reimbursement!
  • Free Employee Assistance Program for therapeutic, legal and financial services, plus personalized work-life resources
  • Paid parental leave
  • Ongoing training and learning opportunities
  • A diverse workforce
  • And more!

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Join our incredible team and make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families!

KVC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Learn about our passion for diversity, equity and inclusion. If you are having technical difficulties submitting an application, please call 913-322-4962.

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KVC has two locations in Nebraska:


11550 I St., Suite 100, Omaha, NE 68137


5001 Central Park Dr., Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68504

Employee Benefits

The heart of our work is helping people. That means offering our employees a robust benefits package that ensures they’re able to care for themselves and their families, while they help people in need. Check out more of our benefits here.

Making a Positive Impact

Each year, KVC Nebraska enriches and enhances the lives of over 1,000 individuals and families.

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