Extended Family Homes

A loving family of four, two daughters with down syndrome. They are standing together at home, smiling. The mother is standing behind the girls with her arms around them, looking at the camera.

An Extended Family Home (EFH) is a safe, loving and structured living environment with a family, couple or individual. Extended Family Homes provide individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities intensive social and independent living skills training in a family setting. Individuals living with an EFH help to determine their own goals for habilitation and independence.

Individuals in EFH’s Need: 

  • A safe place to live with necessary supervision and/or support
  • Life skills training to increase independence
  • Access and introduction to inclusive community activities to enhance and enrich their lives

Ongoing support:

Extended Family Homes through KVC will receive the following services:

  • A designated EFH Specialist to provide 24/7 support and direction
  • On-time monthly reimbursement payments
  • Ongoing training and support