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KVC Nebraska is committed to raising the bar in child welfare as well as providing support and resources to individuals and families in need in Nebraska. Over the last year, we served nearly 1,000 individuals across all our services and programs. Take a look at how many individuals and families in Nebraska we were able to impact this past fiscal year:

KVC Nebraska’s Impact

kvc nebraska impact


View the full 2021 Annual Report here

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report


The Joint Commission awarded KVC accreditation in the state of Nebraska for meeting the standards of excellence associated with providing behavioral healthcare services, completing KVC system-wide accreditation. This is a testimony to the safe, effective, high-quality care KVC provides to children and families across the state.

“KVC has made significant efforts to expand the number of licensed foster homes in the Southeast Service Area (SESA) to provide additional options for older youth, sibling groups and youth with multiple needs. We appreciate our partnership with KVC to serve children, youth and families in the SESA.” | Lindy Bryceson, Southeast Service Area Administrator, Nebraska DHHS – Children and Family Services

Coming Together to Change Lives

KVC Nebraska, in collaboration with the Juvenile Services Division of the Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation, expands our foster care service area. See how KVC Nebraska impacts the residents of Western Nebraska

Why Foster Care Makes a Positive Difference for Older Teens

Here at KVC Nebraska, we’re always recruiting foster parents willing to care for older children and teens. Growing pains are a part of life, but teens don’t outgrow the need for a loving family. Read this blog to learn how foster care (and you) can make an impact for teens!


Our Extended Family Home (EFH) providers offer safe and structured living environments for clients to learn independent living skills through programming and support. See KVC Nebraska's impact on the local community.

What is People-First Language? Inclusive Speech Important In An Increasingly Diverse World

People-first language is based on the fact that people with disabilities are first and foremost people. Read this blog to learn more!



Sound of Slamming Doors Now Replaced By Peaceful Calm: How One PACT Therapist Provided Hope and Healing

Read this heartwarming story to learn how KVC’s Parents and Children Together program taught a mother how to handle her daughter’s challenging behaviors and help a family find hope and healing.