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KVC Careers Offer Professional, Personal Growth & So Much More

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They came for a job and found so much more — supportive colleagues, a nurturing workplace, personal and professional growth, and a strong sense of connection. They have come to understand how to best serve children and families by finding their own purpose and passion for the work they do every single day. Just like these four team members, learn where a KVC career could take you.

I Wanted to Nurture My Passion for Helping Youth

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Travis Chandler, Foster Care Specialist

Travis Chandler was looking for a change almost four years ago when he applied at KVC Nebraska. He started thinking about a career working in foster care after a friend suggested that he consider it. “I have a passion for working with youth and wanted to do more,” Chandler says. “After that conversation with my friend, it clicked for me.”

During and after his interview for the Foster Care Specialist position, Chandler says he had found the “perfect job fit.” He was pleasantly surprised to find such supportive coworkers when he reflects on his early days on the job. “I was flooded with colleagues who helped me from the very beginning,” he describes. “While I was learning the ins and outs of my job, I was also building a foundation for lasting relationships.”

“KVC is a place that recognizes my worth and capabilities, when I sometimes struggle to see it myself.” — Travis Chandler, Foster Care Specialist

I Found Great Leaders Who Care and Listen

Chandler has been impressed with KVC’s leaders – from his supervisor to the department director to the president. “They know my name and I’ve never felt uncomfortable talking with them,” he says. “I feel accepted,” he continues, “Leadership genuinely listens to what I have to say and cares about me as a person. KVC is a place that recognizes my worth and capabilities, when I sometimes struggle to see it myself.”

Chandler is more than proud to do the work he is passionate about – making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Working with individuals and families may be just the right fit for you. We are looking for more passionate and caring Foster Care Specialists.

I Help Families Better Understand Themselves and Each Other

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Kirby Davis, LMHP, Outpatient Therapist

Kirby Davis wants her clients to know what they can expect from her and what she expects from them. As a therapist in the Outpatient Therapy Program, Davis works with children and their caregivers to promote mental wellness, and emotional and social well-being. “My goal is to help them understand their challenges and make the changes they need to make through therapy.”

“I became a therapist to help couples, children and families strengthen their relationships and create a healthy foundation”.

Davis is skilled at establishing an environment where families can talk openly: “I create a safe space and encourage clients to feel comfortable talking about their struggles,” she says. “There is no topic we can’t discuss, and I am open to their varying viewpoints.”

For Davis, the combination of valuing different views and kindness help to provide a sense of comfort and acceptance. “Laughter, smiling and humor can lighten the load that kids and parents are carrying – even if it’s just a little bit,” she explains.

“KVC Nebraska not only cares about the individuals and families they serve, they truly care about their employees. My team is amazing! I continue to be in awe about the level of support and relationships that are built and sustained here.” — Kirby Davis, Outpatient Therapist

I Teach Tools to Help Families Make Positive Changes

Davis started her KVC career as a PACT Therapist and in her current role, Davis provides in-home therapy services at times most convenient for the families she works with. “We take a deep dive into the family’s background history, and the history of behaviors that need to be addressed,” Davis says. “In my first sessions with families, I think about how I can work with the family to set goals based on the changes that are needed to promote positive coping skills and encourage a safe, healthy home environment.”

Providing in-home services allows the family convenient access to receive the support and access to care they need without barriers. “It’s important for me to support personal and relationship growth.” When we understand ourselves and how/why we do the things we do, we become more attentive of our influence on those around us and the potential of others’ influences on us. “This can be beneficial for building and strengthening relationships, setting boundaries and overall wellbeing.”

The best part of her job is seeing families heal and grow in the areas that they have been working on (mental health, behavioral health, relationships). “When I first start working with families, I ask them to look forward to the day when they no longer need my help,” Davis says. “It’s a good thing when they can take the tools they have learned in our sessions and lead happier, fuller lives.”

Are you passionate about helping build strong relationships and families? We’re looking for Outpatient Therapists to join our team. 

I Wanted to Help Families Heal from Addiction

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Shannon Bolter, LADC, Substance Abuse Coordinator

Shannon Bolter has always wanted to do as much as she can to help families in need. Her KVC career has now led her to help families seeking treatment and recovery from addiction. KVC’s Substance Use Evaluation program helps youth (aged 12 and older), and families take the first steps to recovery and healing.

Bolter was a stay-at-home mom to five biological children when she decided to go back and finish her college education. “I grew up in an upper middle class, very family-oriented bubble,” she describes. “I was very undereducated about children who were ‘in the system’.”

That changed when the Bolters – a young married couple at the time – were contacted about providing a safe, permanent home for a very young family member. “My husband and I trained to become foster parents with the goal of adopting,” she says. “During those courses, I realized I could do more to help children and youth in my community.”

After volunteering as a CASA (court-appointed special advocate), she decided to pursue a degree in psychology. “Looking back, I would never encourage going back to school while parenting five children,” she laughs. “It was hard, but worth it.”

After she graduated, Bolter wanted to work with families on the prevention side. “That’s why I applied for the Skill Builder position with KVC,” she explains. “I felt I could be the most effective working in-home with children and parents, teaching parenting skills and reward systems, and watching them use what I had taught.”

“You will never find a better place to work than KVC. I have been able to help so many families and grow in my career, too.” — Shannon Bolter, Substance Abuse Coordinator

I Found Myself Drawn to Helping People Succeed and Heal

Her experiences working with families helped Bolter discover her passion for supporting families dealing with addiction. This led to her current role as a Substance Abuse Coordinator. “I watched a client struggle through her sobriety, find gainful employment and work incredibly hard to bring her family back together,” she says.

“The most beautiful thing about my job is seeing the light return to their eyes. Seeing their happiness gets me through my hard days.”

“You will never find a better place to work than KVC,” she says. “I have been able to help so many families and grow in my career, too.” She describes her colleagues as being one big family. “We are there to support each other and it’s fun,” she says. “It is a special kind of closeness.”

She and her husband are certified foster parents again, too. They have been foster parents for the last four years and added to their family when they adopted a child. “We now have six great kids who appreciate the value of what they have,” Bolter says. “The kids are also humble enough to help anyone in need. I credit fostering with helping to instill these values in them.”

Join Shannon in helping youth and families heal and achieve their goals. Apply today!

I Immediately Felt Accepted and Supported in My KVC Career

intensive in-home services

Haley Stroud, PCMSW, PLMHP, PLADC, MSCJ, Intensive In-Home Clinician

Haley Stroud never imagined she would have a career in the child welfare/mental health/disability services field. She became interested in criminal justice after attending a freshman-year class – which led to her first job working in a group home. “I gained so much knowledge, I was inspired to change my direction to the mental health field and pursue a master’s degree in social work.”

She started her KVC career working as a Foster Care Specialist. “I was in the position for more than two years before I transitioned to my current job as an Intensive In-Home Clinician,” Stroud explains. “I have been in this role for almost two years now and I have really grown into it.”

As with any transition, Stroud was nervous. She was a newly licensed therapist and needed all the support she could get. “I’m awkward and sarcastic,” she says. “And I sometimes say things others would not.” The in-home team made her feel accepted. “They were kind, gave me grace, and constructive feedback to help me become better.”

“I work with children and families in their home and I provide include Intensive Family Reunification, Intensive Family Preservation and Outpatient Therapy Services. “Every day, I work with families to reach individual goals to ensure safety in the home. To do that, I develop treatment plans and goals, review them on a regular basis and make changes, as needed. ” With these services, families receive the tools they need to overcome their challenges and safely remain together.

A rewarding part of her job is working with families, seeing them grow and use the skills that they have worked on during their time together. “I am so proud to see parents work hard to become the people they’re capable of becoming,” Stroud says. “I am also pleased to see the joy from children and parents when they are reunified and preserved in the home.”

“My job is interesting because no one day is the same,” she continues. “It can be very unpredictable.” Stroud says the job has taught her to be more adaptive to change. “Things don’t always go as expected, and along with my families, I’ve allowed myself to grow and change.”

“Working here is like having a large second family,” says Stroud. “It sounds corny, I know, but I’m speaking from the heart.” — Haley Stroud, Intensive In-Home Clinician

My KVC Family is Kind and Comforting

“Working here is like having a large second family,” says Stroud. “It sounds corny, I know, but I’m speaking from the heart.” She has never forgotten the advice, guidance and kindness her colleagues have given her. The KVC team continued to support me through graduate school and comforted me when I struggled,” she explains. “What astonished me the most was the selflessness of the team in allowing me to grow in my career and transition to the in-home side.”

KVC has continued to amaze Stroud on many levels. “I have strengthened my skills and deepened my personal and professional connections. KVC has given me the chance to grow in my career by becoming a trainer, getting a license in drug and alcohol counseling and advocating for me as a person.”

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