Substance Use Evaluation

substance use evaluation

First Step Toward Recovery

Knowing where to begin when seeking treatment for substance misuse can be confusing. KVC’s Substance Use Evaluation program makes it easier to find treatment for people ages 12 years and older. With the support of a Substance Abuse Coordinator, clients will take the first step toward recovery and gain access to valuable treatment resources within their own communities.

Fill out this form or contact Shannon Bolter, LADC, Substance Abuse Coordinator, at 402-201-4288 to make a referral.

About our Substance Use Evaluations

substance use evaluationClients served by this program are matched with a Substance Abuse Coordinator who will conduct a thorough evaluation with the client before recommending a treatment plan. Evaluations are supported by standardized, rapid assessment tools that are credible to courts, probation officers and case managers. After a completed evaluation, clients will have access to 24/7 on-call support until they begin treatment.

With a secure environment and non-biased, here-to-help approach, our goal is to make the evaluation process as safe and convenient as possible. These evaluations are completed in the comfort of the client’s home or out in the community—wherever the client is most comfortable. This eliminates any transportation barrier that may prevent individuals from seeking treatment. Evaluations will always be scheduled on days and times most accessible for clients.

During evaluations, a client and their coordinator may discuss:

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Health information
  • Mental health status
  • Education
  • Peer relationships
  • Legal issues
  • Work and/or school
  • And more


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How Do I Access These Services?

  • Make a Referral: To refer yourself, your child, or a client for a substance use evaluation, call Shannon Bolter, LADC, Substance Abuse Coordinator, at 402-201-4288.
  • Initial Contact: Within 24 hours of referral, a member of our team will contact the potential client to schedule a meeting. The evaluation will begin within 72 hours of referral, either in the client’s home or in their community, depending on the client’s preference.
  • Evaluation: During the evaluation, clients will speak with a Substance Abuse Coordinator to complete an ASI or CASI as well as two to three additional assessments to determine the best treatment approach.
  • Treatment Recommendation: A report will be submitted within 10 days after the evaluation is completed. This report will provide a treatment recommendation and relevant contact information for community agencies or organizations that offer the recommended level of care.
  • 24/7 On-Call Support: After clients complete the evaluation and decide to move forward with treatment, they will have access to 24 hours a day/7 days a week on-call support until treatment begins.

No Surprises Act

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