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Q&A with Kristi Quattrochi, Intensive In-Home Services Clinician

KVC Nebraska's In-Home Services Clinician Kristi Quattrochi

All families can have challenges. When families need extra support from caring professionals, KVC Nebraska works in partnership with the family to provide Intensive In-Home Family Preservation services and meet their goals. These services can include crisis intervention, education and coaching to parents in order to help them learn healthy parenting skills and prevent the removal of a child from the home. When a family needs these services, an Intensive In-Home Clinician like Kristi Quattrochi, PLMHP, visits their home, works with the children and caregivers to set goals and helps the family achieve them. We sat down with Kristi to ask her about her role.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

Kristi Quattrochi: I have moved several times and lived all over the U.S. My immediate family is spread out between Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois. I love animals and would have a house full of them if I could. I love to ride horses, cook, bake, read, water ski and do many other water-related activities. I have an amazing family and am grateful for them every day.

Q: What made you choose social work as a career?

Quattrochi: I have always enjoyed working with youth. Too many kids are neglected in some way or “slip through the cracks” of life. I want to help people reach their life goals, and in this field, there is a great need for youth and families to connect with someone who cares.

Q: Can you describe what it is like for you to work at KVC?

Quattrochi: There is never a dull moment while working at KVC. I have had a very positive experience working here because of the people I work with. Everyone knows that good teamwork is essential. People care about the wellbeing of others, both our co-workers and the families we serve. KVC is the first place I have worked where I feel so much like an important part of the team and not just another employee. I have learned a lot, not only from other KVC employees, but also from the people I have served. I look forward to new experiences and learning more!

Q: Describe a proud working moment.

Quattrochi: I recently ran into a youth I had worked with about a year ago at school. She thanked me for being patient and believing in her. She said if I hadn’t worked with her, she would not be the success she is today. She went from barely going to school and having a rough view of the world to going to school, passing her classes, being excited about graduating, having a job, being successful in her home, feeling motivated, and now has a much more happy and optimistic view of the world. That was such a proud moment for me to see someone reach their goals. She had it in her the whole time to succeed, and I was happy that I could help her realize that for herself.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Quattrochi: I love to see youth and families be successful! I enjoy helping them through the process and being able to help them see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is also rewarding when youth and families reach a point in which they believe in themselves and there can be a positive outcome. I also find it rewarding when I run into a client after discharging their case and they have something positive to say about their time with KVC and they continue to be successful.

Q: Do you have any advice for the clients you work with?

Quattrochi: Yes, I’d say that we know that change is not easy, but if you are willing to work for something you want, nothing is out of reach. You are worth it. You matter.

Kristi Quattrochi works with a team of caring, passionate people at KVC Nebraska. All of our staff are committed to improving the lives of children and families in the community.

Learn more about Intensive Family Preservation services on our website. If you are interested in Nebraska social work, find our open positions on the careers page.

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