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15 Free Summer Activities for Kids

free summer activities

School is out for the summer and parents and kids alike are looking forward to some fun in the sun. Finding ideas for activities that are affordable and engaging for the entire family can be difficult, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of fun and FREE summer activities that every member of the family can enjoy.

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Free Summer Activities

    1. Read. Summer reading programs can help engage children and teens with rewards for the more books they read. Explore the Lincoln or Omaha library programs or find your local library!
    2. Go back in time. Discover the free museums in your area! City museums and parks often have free days or donation entry fees, making it affordable to learn about history in your area.
    3. Discover the wilderness. Camp outside in your backyard or even inside! Camping can be a fun time to learn about nature and survival skills.
    4. Make a splash. Hook up a sprinkler, hose or fill a plastic pool for a fun day in the sun. It’s a way to beat the heat and play some games.
    5. Dine at a picnic. Make a day out of eating outside at a local park, neighborhood grassy area or even your backyard. Instead of eating lunch inside, take it outside and throw a blanket down!
    6. Get creative. Have an arts & crafts day and showcase your child’s work throughout the summer.
    7. Exercise. Hold a swimming competition, jump rope, go for a walk or play catch! Staying fit and active as a family can help you bond together.
    8. Get board. Find some of the board games you have around the house and hold a family game night. Maybe the winner gets to pick the next game?
    9. Find Nebraska’s next greatest chef. Let your kids try their hand at cooking dinner or baking dessert, with your supervision of course. Here’s some recipes they can try.
    10. Catch a film. Find a great outdoor movie in your area! Watching a movie outdoors is a great break from the normal routine.
    11. Be talented. Hold a family talent show to find out some skills right in your own family!
    12. Hunt for treasure. Try Geocaching in your area to find hidden treasure.
    13. Go to camp. Apple retail stores offer free immersive creative camps.
    14. Grow some plants. Use the seeds you already have and plant a fruit or vegetable. Watch it grown throughout the entire summer!
    15. Volunteer. Organizations in your community can use your help with many different projects. Learn about volunteer opportunities with KVC.
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