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KVC Staff Recognized for Their Hard Work and Dedication

KVC Staff Recognized - Nebraska's Director

Cassandra Dittmer was recently recognized by The Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) for her outstanding partnership and collaborative efforts.  DHHS feels that Cassandra went above and beyond her role as an In Home Supervisor.  She partnered with them on several cases to ensure that the correct services were in place for the youth involved. Also to ensure that those services helped in creating a successful outcome.  It was noted by DHHS that some of the cases Cassandra assisted them with, were cases she and her team were not even assigned to.


This email was sent to Cassandra’s supervisor:

 “I am wanting to recognize Cassandra Dittmer in some way – I am thinking of presenting her with an award of some kind.  She has been so helpful on 3 cases we have and I am so grateful for all the work she has done on each of the cases and I cannot thank her enough for her great team approach.”

Nicole Deere was also recognized by DHHS for her above and beyond efforts to locate placements for youth. DHHS noted that when all other agencies have “given up”, Nicole refuses to accept no for an answer. She keeps on searching for a home. KVC Nebraska follows one very simple rule …. “we don’t sleep until you do”.  Nicole lives that rule daily and in every aspect of her job as Admissions Liaison. She is collaborative in her efforts. Dittmer stays in constant communication with the workers who are needing to locate a placement for a youth. Nicole takes her role very seriously and feels responsible for all youth who need a safe and healthy home.


This email was sent to Nicole’s supervisor:

“RD (Resource Development) has appreciated ALL of the efforts that Nicole has put in over the last few months to find placements for our most difficult youth.  I know I have emailed her several times begging her for assistance as well as the placement team so, we would like to recognize her as well.”

KVC Nebraska is honored to have these two on staff and appreciates all they do each and everyday.  Congratulations Cassandra & Nicole for a job well done!


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