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Jodie Austin Named FFTA President Elect

Jodie Austin

KVC Nebraska President Jodie Austin, LCSW, was recently selected by her peers as President Elect of the national Foster Family-Based Treatment Association (FFTA). In January 2016, she will become leader of this organization, which is the only national association of treatment foster care agencies with over 400 member agencies. FFTA’s mission is to strengthen agencies that support families caring for vulnerable children.

Austin brings valuable experience to the group as head of KVC Nebraska, which cares for nearly 1,500 youth in foster families each year. In Nebraska, KVC is known for its remarkably high child safety and stability rates in foster care, unique in-home service delivery model, diverse and engaged foster parent network, and positive reintegration and adoption success stories.

“FFTA has a unique opportunity to set standards for the safety of children in foster care. By working together, we can make changes on a national scale like increasing foster parent recruitment and retention, improving placement stability so children don’t change foster homes often, making foster care a safer and more short-term solution, and increasing the quality of care provided by foster families.” -Jodie Austin

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