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Adoptive Parents Celebrate First Christmas as Family of Seven

Adam and Andrea Walter were once a family of two living in Lincoln, Nebraska. Now, their family has grown to seven. KETV 7 Omaha covered their story as they celebrated their first Christmas together.

The Walters were foster parents when they received a call asking if they would consider permanent placement for a sibling set of three. While going through the process of adopting Jazzmin, Elizabeth and Nate, the Walters agreed to care for then-newborn baby Elijah. Soon after that, they found out Elijah had a biological brother named Trevon. The Walters are now going through yet another adoption process to make their family complete.

“It’s crazy, but it’s kind of the way it’s meant to be.”
-Andrea Walter

Click here to see the entire story from KETV 7 Omaha. If you would like to become a foster or adoptive parents like the Walters, in Nebraska, click here to learn more.

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