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A Deepening Commitment to People with Disabilities

KVC Nebraska Extended Family Home
Liz Wollmann, Director of Developmental Disability Services


KVC Nebraska has expanded to help the state serve individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. An internal workgroup paved the way and the effort took a big leap forward when KVC hired Liz Wollmann as director of this program area this past March.

“Having Liz on our team ensures we begin to serve individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the best possible way,” said Jodie Austin, president of KVC Nebraska. “It will allow us to learn more; provide more safe, loving homes for special populations; and continue to help us align our interventions with our core values. Liz is well-known in the community and is thought of in the highest regard when it comes to her work, dedication and service to the people of Nebraska.” Wollmann brings 12 years of clinical and programmatic experience in child welfare and in serving people with developmental disabilities.

Extended Family Homes (EFHs) provide individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities intensive social and independent living skills training in a family setting. Some frequently asked questions are: 

• What are developmental and intellectual disabilities, and what kind of services are needed?

• What training do I need in order to become an EFH?

• What are the daily/ongoing expectations for an EFH?

• How is an EFH different from foster care?

• What types of individuals are served in an EFH?

• What kind of support can an EFH expect from KVC?

To learn more, please contact Liz Wollmann at or 402-498-4711

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