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Never Too Old To Adopt – The Campbells’ Story

Never too old to adopt - KVC Nebraska

When Mike and Grace Campbell enrolled in PS-MAPP training to become licensed foster parents, they were interested in fostering just one child. Their biological kids were older and starting college soon. Their youngest was an 8-year-old girl that they had adopted from overseas several years ago.

While attending the PS-MAPP training class, trainer Sarah Wittmann stated that foster parents could adopt children placed in their care if they were unable to be reunited with their birth family. The Campbells, who were only interested in fostering and thought they were too old to adopt, wanted to know if they had to adopt. Whittman said, “No, you don’t have to adopt but keep an open mind because you never know if the right opportunity will come up.” She also reassured the Campbells that they were not too old to adopt. The couple laughed but said they would keep that in mind.

A little over a year later, the Campbells attended KVC’s annual Resource Family Conference in Omaha, Nebraska and ran into Wittmann. With a huge smile on her face, Grace said, “Sarah, meet our family!” The Campbells’ youngest biological son was holding two little girls. Grace was holding another young girl, all under the age of 6. “Remember how you said to keep an open mind and you didn’t think we were too old to adopt?” Grace said. Wittmann replied, “Yes, I do!”

Mike and Grace recounted the story of how the three girls stayed with them for foster care. The girls’ biological mother was struggling with addiction. The couple provided encouragement for her to try and overcome her addiction issues. As time went on, the biological mom continued to relapse. With tears in her eyes, she asked the Campbells if they would adopt her girls.

Because they developed such a strong relationship with the girls’ biological mother, the Campbells couldn’t imagine saying no. Because they kept an open mind and didn’t give into their thoughts of being too old to adopt, the Campbells were presented an opportunity to give three young girls a loving, forever family.

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People from all types of backgrounds can adopt children from foster care. Whether you own or rent your home, have children already or don’t, work full-time or stay home, you may be eligible to adopt. Learn more about becoming a KVC Nebraska foster parent. That is the first step in our foster-to-adopt process.

You can also learn more about our adoption services nationally, or meet children who are searching for a forever family.

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