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KVC Nebraska Makes Positive Impact for Over 900 Children and Families in 2022

As we begin 2023, we’re proud to share KVC Nebraska’s Impact Report and highlight the positive changes our supporters and team members are making. Our KVC Nebraska team provides foster care, intensive in-home preservation and reunification services, home-based support for people with disabilities, mental and behavioral health services, substance use treatment and educational support services.

KVC Nebraska is a private, nonprofit organization that strengthens the lives of children, adults and families in the region. How are we creating positive change in our community? Discover our supportive services, our impact this past year and how you can help us make an even more significant difference in years to come. 

How KVC Nebraska is Making a Difference

Children and families in the region need the support of trained professionals to live in safe environments and build meaningful life connections. See how KVC Nebraska is creating solutions for these people in need.

Foster Care

KVC Nebraska 2022 Impact ReportOn average, 5,000 children and teens are in the Nebraska foster care system. These youth need a safe haven from abuse, neglect or other family challenges. Foster care offers a safe space as biological families work to resolve conflicts or disruptions at home. 

With support and education on healthy behaviors, reunification is the goal of foster care. When reunification is impossible, our team supports the adoption or guardianship process to create a permanent, loving home for children experiencing foster care. KVC Nebraska is proud to work with Nebraska citizens to help them become foster parents and create a place of respite throughout tumultuous times. 

Intensive In-Home Preservation and Reunification 

In 2022, 154 young people from 68 families benefited from intensive in-home preservation and reunification services! At KVC Nebraska, we intentionally work toward reunification for children in foster care. We do this through our Safe & Connected™ model which helps our team perform thorough assessments, treat all individuals with dignity and respect, collaborate with case professionals, and include youth and their families in meaningful, respectful ways. 

Licensed KVC clinicians deliver our intensive in-home services in each family’s home. In addition to maximizing effectiveness, this intensive in-home model also allows families to receive services at a time most convenient for them. The model removes barriers to treatment, like coordinating transportation to and from appointments, organizing child care or requesting time off from work. 

We work closely with children and caregivers to ensure that families have the skills to manage risk and promote wellbeing. Keeping families together when it’s safe is a top priority for KVC. However, challenges may make certain situations difficult. Whether it’s physical or mental illness, trauma, substance abuse or behavioral problems, children may require professional help. Through KVC’s Intensive In-Home Services, we can provide youth and families with the support and skills they need.

Home-Based Support for Individuals with Disabilities (Shared Living)

Many individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities need a safe, structured living environment. Shared Living Providers offer this safe place for those in need. KVC Nebraska works with compassionate people in the region to open their homes to clients who need shelter and transportation assistance. 

KVC Nebraska 2022 Impact Report

With the assistance of our expert team, providers teach intensive social and independent living skills and help them form strong community relationships. This support can be transformative, as clients living in a provider’s home are encouraged to work toward their own goals of an independent lifestyle. In addition to skills and basic needs, Shared Living Providers offer much-needed connection and care for those who often feel isolated. This supportive service can make a tremendous difference in the lives of people with great needs and those who open their homes. 

Outpatient Therapy

When a young person’s needs are less intensive, outpatient therapy can provide the assistance a child needs to thrive. These in-home services encourage social and emotional wellbeing, prioritize mental health and stimulate positive caregiver-child relationships. Our KVC Nebraska team members always seek to bring children and adults closer together in a safe and understanding way.

Outpatient therapy is available for children struggling with challenges in school, behavior concerns, social withdrawal, feelings of hopelessness, thoughts of self-harm, suicidal ideation, trauma and more. Through our program, professionals help children with evidence-based practices, including Child-Parent Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We always strive to offer session times that are convenient for caregivers too. Outpatient therapy is currently offered across Nebraska, in Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Chalco, Gretna, La Vista, Milford, Millard, Papillion and Ralston.

Fostering Educational SuccessFostering Educational Success

Both children and families can find it challenging to navigate the transition from foster care. Here at KVC Nebraska, the Fostering Educational Success program empowers families with both rationale and tools to grow stronger together. Fostering Educational Success is both a home-based and school-based program delivering additional support to youth and their caregivers during this time. The program’s primary goal is to improve elementary and secondary school students’ educational experiences and help them create successful outcomes after leaving foster care.

Through Fostering Educational Success, 20 individuals improved their school and family relationships. Fostering Educational Success is a transformative program with a mission to support the educational endeavors of youth exiting foster care. 

Substance Use Evaluation and Treatment

KVC Nebraska is here to support those struggling with addiction. To begin recovery, we offer a complete substance use evaluation to help us create an effective treatment plan. Clients are matched with a Substance Abuse Coordinator who uses standardized, rapid assessment tools to complete the evaluation. Our team members can complete the evaluation in an individual’s home or in the community to make the experience as comfortable as possible. 

For those needing treatment, KVC Nebraska provides an Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program (IOP) for those ages 12 and older, insured by Medicaid. This program delivers the support, resources and community to assist in recovery.

KVC Nebraska 2022 Impact Report

KVC Nebraska’s 2022 Impact

What did KVC Nebraska accomplish in 2022? Here’s an overview of the positive impact our staff and supporters had on the lives of Nebraska children and families in 2022. 

  • 694 youth were cared for by KVC foster families
  • 72 children were safely united with their families after foster care
  • 34 adoptions of foster care youth were facilitated 
  • 53 families benefited from in-home outpatient therapy
  • 29 people took a step toward recovery with a substance use evaluation
  • 20 individuals improved their school and family relationships through our Fostering Educational Success program

Check out the full KVC Nebraska 2022 Impact Report for more information on the positive change we created in the community. 

Get Involved: Create a Positive Impact with KVC Nebraska

KVC Nebraska can only create this impact with the help of generous supporters and our professional team. You, too, can be a part of this positive force. Learn how you can get involved with KVC Nebraska and start making a difference today:


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